Retail store

The Retail Store is an ideal business platform, on which we have given priority to our Top “Zimbabwean” Brands, as they are an important part of our exhibition story. a list of products and/or companies who are certified and ready to be part of the Retail Store.

World market kiosk

Zimbabwe will seek to promote its rich Culture and Heritage, which is rich with Diverse but interlinked languages, practices and beliefs. The products are being sourced from across the whole country, ensuring that customers experience the spirit of peacefulness, unity and resilience that have always defined a Zimbabwean. All the products have undergone verification and standardization and the Standards Association of Zimbabwe is in the process of certifying most all of them. All Products from Zimbabwe are organic, ethically produced and support low income sectors of the economy. 

The Goods that Zimbabwe will sell at the World Market Kiosk include:

  1. Textiles
  2. Genuine Leather (Belts, Wallets, Bags, Brief Cases)
  3. Natural Fibres (Basketry, Mats, Hats and more)
  4. Stone works/ Sculptures
  5. Curios
  6. Visual Arts /Paintings
  7. Non Perishable Food
  8. Pottery
  9. Zimbabwean Cosmetics
  10. Zimbabwean Jewelry

Most of these products are produced by SMEs who have a deep understanding of the Zimbabwe cultural Values. Notably, the practice of Totems, or “Mutupo”, in Shona language, has for a long time influenced the design and choice of material, for our Sculpture, Textiles,  and Art works.

Zimbabwean Entrepreneurs have always showcased at Various Trade Symposiums and Expo 2020 Dubai is envisaged to be a unique breakthrough for the Zimbabwean Entrepreneurs.