Zimbabwe is an Official Participant at the Expo, after having accepted the Official Invitation by the UAE, and signing the contract. Zimbabwe is under the Assisted Programme developed by the UAE to support eligible developing nations, lower and middle-income countries. As part of the Assisted Programme, Zimbabwe has been allocated a fully fitted pavilion, built in the Thematic Districts for Higher visibility

The Government of Zimbabwe appointed Ambassador Mary S. Mubi, Senior Principal Director in Department of Public Affairs and Knowledge Management in the Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC), as the Commissioner General. Zimbabwe confirmed its participation on 17 April 2018, when the Commissioner General signed the Participation Contract with the organizers in Dubai.

Zimbabwe’s Chosen Sub Theme – Opportunity

Under the Guidance of the Commissioner General, Zimbabwe chosen the OPPORTUNITY cluster with the vision to highlight, how Zimbabwe is the awakening giant, open for business and a land of vast opportunities.

In this regard the main anchors of the opportunity sub-theme are:

  1. Education – Inspiring, training and helping people and communities to reach their potential;
  2. Employment – creating new jobs and enabling people to adapt to new requirements in the workplace and changing economic environments;
  3. New Industries – Diversifying economies and developing innovative and creative industries and sectors;
  4. Financial Capital – Creating new financial models, providing access to finance and achieving greater financial inclusion and efficiency;
  5. Governance – Creating environments and ecosystems that are conducive to and promote innovation and opportunity.

Why is Zimbabwe participating in the Expo (Objectives)

  • To promote Brand Zimbabwe and unpack the country’s Vision 2030;
  • To promote trade and investment opportunities, as well as attract visitors;
  • To clarify Zimbabwe’s policies and processes through a unified and simplified message;
  • To conduct an exhibition of Zimbabwe’s Culture and Heritage, Top Brands in Goods and Services, and technological innovations that have impacted the livelihoods of people, and will continue to do so in the future;
  • To seek Source Markets and/or opportunities for technology transfer, tourism, investments and human capacity development.
  • To exhibit Zimbabwe’s Rich and Diverse human capital by showcasing wholly Zimbabwean made solutions to world problems; and
  • To change the previously negative narrative on our beloved country Zimbabwe into a positive narrative